NodeBB Package Manager Statistics

For informational purposes, the nbbpm keeps a count of how many queries are made to various endpoints. As a matter of transparency, these results are shared with you here.

The current server time is: 2020-09-19T08:51:16.116Z

Figure 1
Queries to retrieve plugin list, by version number, for the past 24 hours.

Figure 2
Top 5 plugin downloads in the past 7 days

Figure 3
Top 10 plugin downloads of since November 2015

United States 99
China 24
Germany 14
Canada 9
France 8
United Kingdom 8
Viet Nam 5
India 4
Russian Federation 4
Indonesia 2
Australia 2
Portugal 2
Ukraine 2
Ireland 2
Korea, Republic of 2
Netherlands 2
Sweden 2
Bahrain 1
Belize 1
Japan 1
Brazil 1
Hong Kong 1
Costa Rica 1
Czech Republic 1
Singapore 1
Turkey 1
Argentina 1
Poland 1
Denmark 1
Ecuador 1

Table 1
Number of requests by country, within the past 48 hours

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Route embedded images through a secure camo proxy


niuniu style for NodeBB


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The iwhalecloud theme for NodeBB


NodeBB Essential Widgets


Recent cards, niuniu style


Persona theme for NodeBB


Vanilla theme for NodeBB