NodeBB Package Manager Statistics

For informational purposes, the nbbpm keeps a count of how many queries are made to various endpoints. As a matter of transparency, these results are shared with you here.

The current server time is: 2019-07-18T11:03:56.417Z

Figure 1
Queries to retrieve plugin list, by version number, for the past 24 hours.

Figure 2
Top 5 plugin downloads in the past 7 days

Figure 3
Top 10 plugin downloads of since November 2015

United States 86
China 42
Canada 19
Germany 12
Ireland 8
France 7
United Kingdom 7
Argentina 4
Viet Nam 4
Singapore 3
Korea, Republic of 3
Italy 2
Hong Kong 2
Japan 2
Pakistan 2
Serbia 2
Ukraine 2
Thailand 2
Norway 2
Greece 2
Iran, Islamic Republic of 2
Russian Federation 2
Latvia 2
Turkey 2
Bangladesh 1
Lithuania 1
Philippines 1
Georgia 1
Indonesia 1
Belarus 1
Spain 1
Austria 1
Macao 1
Malaysia 1
AP 1
Netherlands 1
Romania 1
Estonia 1
India 1
Mexico 1
Belgium 1
Australia 1

Table 1
Number of requests by country, within the past 48 hours

Recently Added/Updated


Based on Vanilla(v10.1.31)


NodeBB Altizure OAuth SSO


Adds an exam page in your forum, so any new user must pass the exam to register.


A theme that is based on the GitHub design.


Enter a description here


This plugin allows administrators to ban entire countries from registering and logging in. Please be aware that this is a heavy-handed approach and should not be used lightly (or temporarily)!


This plugin exposes a new category-level privilege called "Knowledge Base". When enabled for a specific category, all top level posts in that category will become editable by other users.


Allows users to save responses for use in the future


![Searching 'pizza' in the via modal window](/screenshot.png)


A Markdown parser for NodeBB