NodeBB Package Manager Statistics

For informational purposes, the nbbpm keeps a count of how many queries are made to various endpoints. As a matter of transparency, these results are shared with you here.

The current server time is: 2018-11-16T15:53:20.907Z

Figure 1
Queries to retrieve plugin list, by version number, for the past 24 hours.

Figure 2
Top 5 plugin downloads in the past 7 days

Figure 3
Top 10 plugin downloads of since November 2015

United States 100
China 21
Canada 15
United Kingdom 14
Germany 10
France 10
Hong Kong 5
Netherlands 5
Viet Nam 4
Spain 4
Poland 3
Sweden 3
Brazil 2
Singapore 2
Greece 2
Ireland 2
India 2
Russian Federation 2
Argentina 2
Korea, Republic of 2
Japan 2
Qatar 2
Switzerland 2
Italy 1
Denmark 1
Nigeria 1
Ukraine 1
Austria 1
Australia 1
Luxembourg 1
Latvia 1
Finland 1

Table 1
Number of requests by country, within the past 48 hours

Recently Added/Updated


Write-enabled API for NodeBB


Allows login sessions from your app to persist in NodeBB


A nodebb plugin that upload images to


Oxide Theme for NodeBB


Persona theme for NodeBB


Automatically notifies administrators when a new user has registered on their forum


Default composer for NodeBB


Allows you to add as many new pages as you like to your NodeBB forum


NodeBB Plugin that allows users to mention other users by prepending an '@' sign to their username


A nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer plugin for NodeBB which allows users to post topics as questions and select a post as the answer