NodeBB Package Manager Statistics

For informational purposes, the nbbpm keeps a count of how many queries are made to various endpoints. As a matter of transparency, these results are shared with you here.

The current server time is: 2017-10-17T22:02:07.678Z

Figure 1
Queries to retrieve plugin list, by version number, for the past 24 hours.

Figure 2
Top 5 plugin downloads in the past 7 days

Figure 3
Top 10 plugin downloads of since November 2015

United States 150
China 24
Germany 16
United Kingdom 11
Canada 9
France 9
Netherlands 7
Russian Federation 6
Italy 5
Bulgaria 4
Brazil 4
Ukraine 3
Hong Kong 3
Sweden 3
Switzerland 3
Poland 3
Australia 3
Pakistan 2
India 2
Lithuania 2
Spain 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Israel 1
Colombia 1
Romania 1
Ireland 1
New Zealand 1
Iceland 1
Austria 1
Singapore 1
Serbia 1
Taiwan, Province of China 1
Japan 1
Jordan 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of 1
Argentina 1
Philippines 1

Table 1
Number of requests by country, within the past 48 hours

Recently Added/Updated


qc theme for NodeBB


NodeBB saas-plat SSO


NodeBB Mousetrap Plugin


plugin for NodeBB to generate JWT


A starter kit for quickly creating NodeBB plugins


Adds custom forms to NodeBB


A Plugin to check if links are still alive


Simple API encryption, required for HTTPS to work correctly.


Allows users to randomly display one item from a set defined in their signature.